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Vox justus. (Cuz that sounds like it would be Latin for justice…): An interview with Luis Moreno-Ocampo

March 25, 2009

My personal picks for “best of” the ICC prosecutor’s sit-down with Newsweek:

NEWSWEEK: Bashir responded to the ICC’s arrest warrant by expelling foreign-aid groups from Sudan. Did you expect that?
Moreno-Ocampo: We have evidence that he has been committing massive crimes since 2003. Expelling the aid groups was just another step.


NEWSWEEK: Does the criticism bother you?
Moreno-Ocampo: I’m the prosecutor. I don’t need [to win] votes. I had to ignore it, because I was sure that what I did was what I had to do. There is no other way to do it.


Moreno-Ocampo: ….The most important impact of this court is that it provides incentives to the national authorities to behave better. That is the beauty of this global court: It’s setting a limit in international relations—no more war crimes, no more crimes against humanity, no more genocide. That is what we are doing.

NEWSWEEK: Is there anything you can do about the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe?
Moreno-Ocampo: We don’t have jurisdiction in Zimbabwe. The only way I could do anything there is if the Security Council refers the case, as they did in Darfur.

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