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The Peoples Pulitzers: What would YOU choose?

April 21, 2009

Think back on your favorite articles from last year. You know, back when banks were private entities, the dollar was worth more than the peso, and your credit card balance hadn’t been cut. Any of the stories that come to mind good enough for a Pulitzer?

I’m taking a readers-choice poll of the media world to find out what you would give the Oscar of Journalism. I’m paring down the categories, though, because…well, I’m only going to include the ones I can remember off the top of my head. (But if you have a favorite category, by all means add it in comments. Or make one up.)

So let me know in comments or by email which were you favorite stories in these categories: National Reporting, International Reporting, Features Reporting, Photography, Commentary/Editorial Writing, or Public Service Journalism. (Sorry, Breaking News, you’re out. It’s a spite thing.)

And since these are Peoples Pulitzers, no rules–any publication, magazine or online or ‘zine or blog or email your mom sent you…it’s all in.

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  1. Jesse permalink
    April 27, 2009 12:04 pm

    Sort of a left-field entry, but Sam McPheeters’s profile of Doc Corbin Dart, who fronted punk provocateurs the Crucifucks in the 1980s and is now known as 26, was startlingly good:

    Most startling for me was that a feature with such heart ran in Vice magazine, though I gather now that “conservative-hedonist” (and arguable sociopath) Gavin McGinnis no longer edits said magazine, I’ll have to lift my 12 year moratorium on picking the rag up. For many years author Sam McPheeters fronted Born Against, the most intelligent band in hardcore, and has written for a variety of publications since the band dissolved. This article, however, is a testament to his range and humanity, and an interesting profile of a very conflicted soul. Worth a read, even if you don’t normally read subcultural or music journalism.

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