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Happy Earth Day, kill a tree

April 24, 2009

Or an acre of them. That’s what Glenn Beck did.

Glenn Beck, for those of you who’ve been dodging reality for awhile, is the Hot New Thing in Conservative Cable. Ie, he has a huge show on Fox News. I haven’t seen it, but I hear it’s an even more, ahem, robust version of his previous show on CNN, which I did see. And that one was not all that different from the radio show he did before he was the special kind of famous that conservative radio hosts in this country are: ardent fan base in certain parts of the country, totally unknown in others. America is big enough for that!

Anyway, if you’re clueless so far, check out the CS Monitor’s recap of the Glenn Beck Tree Stunt.

UPDATE: My mother, who follows each of these radio hosts very closely, reminds me that the storty I had posted here is about a different stunt-oriented conservative radio host. I can’t imagine why I can’t tell them apart.

And for another great stunt, if you missed it, check out Rush Limbaugh’s off-season Christmas light parade.

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