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“L’chaim,” Charles Taylor says. “Well, mine anyway.”

June 19, 2009

Ten-gallon-hat tip to Wronging Rights for this Gem of the Week. I embellish it in obvoius ways:

“Former Liberian president Charles Taylor, on trial in the Hague for alleged war crimes committed during the civil war in Sierra Leone, has adopted Judaism, one of his wives said, adding that Judaism is all they talked about during her recent visit with him at the Hague.

“He has decided to become a Jew. And he wants to follow the true religion according to him. He wants to know deeply about God,” Mrs. Victoria Taylor told BBC radio.

Mrs. Taylor said her husband found Judaism only after his trial began.

It must have been hiding under the stacks and stacks of paper accusing him of 17 counts of war crimes.

“When he got to The Hague, he got to know that he really, really wanted to be a Jew. And he wanted to convert to Judaism. And that’s what he has done… He wants to know deeply about God and all about creation, and he wants to serve God accordingly and immediately,” she said.

Mrs. Taylor said that while her husband has questions about the teachings of Christianity, he still believes in Christ: “He wants to follow the two religions,” she said.”

I think this technically makes Chuckie Senior a Jew for Jesus. A polygamist Jew for Jesus, in fact. No word yet on how the polygamists feel about that, but presumably we can all agree that this is in no way good for the Jews.

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  1. Diana Brown permalink
    June 20, 2009 1:06 am

    Its very late and I am feeling a little loose with my labels. Could we all agree that this bit of conversion boasting makes him a Pharisee? And that if he asks to see a chaplain, nearly all of them these days avoid the issue of denomination, and stick to spiritual counseling, so he won’t have to choose.

  2. Jessica permalink
    June 24, 2009 4:04 pm

    So does this mean he will undergo circumcision at some point? What about celebrating a bat mitzvah? And what gift does a former dictator/war-crimes-committing Jew for Jesus give to his guests at the post bat mitzvah party?

  3. June 26, 2009 6:30 pm

    the title alone made me snort coffee through my nose (this habit of mine that happens when i laugh will continue to keep me from dating, i’m sure)

    amazing how people ‘find god/jesus/higher being’ when they are in deep doodoo… i always say, “you found him?? he was missing??? funny, i buy milk, and never saw his photo on the carton”

    they dont’ find it as amusing as i do

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