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One Republican’s take on Sarah Palin’s weirdest line

July 6, 2009

I asked a Republican friend about the Sarah Palin resignation speech, which has left everyone going, “Huh?” There are a lot of single lines that make you scratch your head–then there’s the overall thing–but one in particular stood out as a Republican friend and I discussed the speech.

She pointed out the line, “The world needs more Trigs, not fewer.” A remarkably bad thing to say, my friend thought. I thought it might be something more.

“Is it a veiled pro-life argument?” I asked.

“Could be,” she said.

“But it could also be an argument for iceberg lettuce. She makes THAT little sense.”

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  1. Clare permalink
    July 28, 2009 8:47 pm

    I am the mother of an adult disabled daughter, a love really, a wonderful, beautiful happy and well educated person she has become. Would I wish more people like her on the world? Instead of fully able average intelligence humans? No!

    Would I wish more people were like her, and made the absolute MOST of their own individual capabilities, unlike Ms. Palin, unlike many who have harmful psychological issues, or worse harmful psychiatric illnesses that cause themselves and others years of pain and suffering ? Sure I would.

    Does Ms. Palin feel that Trig is a “better” human being than those whom she demonizes as I am saddened by people who are just plain harmful, psychological or psychiatric issues or not? Yes, she feels he is much more preferable…..than those of us who live by a creed of ethical humanism towards others, those of us who believe in the sanctity of facts, those of us who beleieve in tolerance, yes, even for those we do not agree with.

    Would Ms. Palin give us the same benefit? No. Does she feel that we are intolerable, and undeserving of life? Yes. Does she beleive in life, and liberty? Yes, but only when it is her version of what a life is, or looks like or whose liberty that is that she advocates. Surely not a rape victim or anyone who has a religion different from hers……liberty is for her. Just her and hers.

    She would replace those who are “unworthy” with more people like Trig, in all his adorable child disability, but I wonder, how she will deal with him as he grows up to be someone who eventually will take more time and effort than she wants to give, because she is all about self… is practically her religious credo. Having a disabled or differently abled child as some will call them, is about respecting the “other” and understanding and lord knows adjusting to their needs, all without resenting or abandoning them. I have known many who did not measure up to the task, and the one thing I noticed is that people who are inflexible idealogically or religiously do not do well with parenting a disabled child.

    Our children, fly in the face of their perceived reality. Just as allowing for different opinions or lifestyles drives them up the wall. She will find out…….in the long run. In the short run, we are bound to hear much more about how Trig is marvie, and “liberal, urban, elite, non pentacostal people are on the wrong path” .

    Perhaps God had a plan in putting Trig in her life, just not the plan she had in mind.

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