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One year of corruption in Africa = 704 million years of HIV treatment

July 28, 2009

At least according to the calculations of the Namibian* activists who made this video, the first in a series called “Lords of Bling.” Take a look if you want to know how many courses of TB or HIV treatment you could get for the money Uganda’s President Museveni pours into his private jet, Swaziland’s King Mswati III spends on his luxury cars, or Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe spent on his 85th birthday party.

And for more fun, add all those numbers up at the end for a grand total of lives that could’ve been saved. Then visit the AIDS and Rights Alliance of Southern Africa (ARASA), a network of local NGOs who describe themselves as pursuing a human rights approach to HIV and TB treatment.

H/T @kenyapundit
* Can’t corroborate first reference to producers being in Namibia, fyi. In any case, southern Africa.

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