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Et cetera, and some good reading

August 10, 2009

The list of things to blog about is long, but time has been short lately, and this blog, if I would let it, would turn into a full-time non-paying job, like so much else in journalism these days. I’m resisting, but it’s hard.

Meanwhile, I’m starting to gather ideas for a redesign–or rather, a first design. I’m going to work with a friend’s husband on a custom-made site, so if there’s anything you think I should be sure to include on a new site, let me know. I’m all ears. (And eyes, and upon redesign promise pretty pictures and even some audio and video.)

And until I can get some original work together, here’s some good reads:

Lubna Hussein, the “Sudan trouser woman,” and her Pants Pants Revolution (I’m not sure about that one, FP guys…)

Adam Hochschild visits eastern Congo (and bests Gettleman?).

Judge Baltasar Garzon, the global liberal hero with sword of universal jurisdiction (that didn’t work so well, did it?), takes on Franco, and the historical memory debate whirs.

And right here at home, the Attorney General may just launch a criminal probe into torture after all. Meanwhile, across the pond, Britons find out their government also has its hands dirty (and implicate ours in the process).

Let me know what you think.

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